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Welcome to the Whit.li API

The Whit.li API offers a deep analysis of your online users. Whit.li divines personality traits, as well as rare interests, derived demographics like life stage and more, by scanning and analyzing the social media activity of your online audience, using complex context-sensitive pattern-matching algorithms. The result is an easy-to-compare vector set.  This vector set can be used to compare your unique segments- including comparing two users to each other, a user to a brand, or even a user to content (like a news story).  The vector set is derived from several algorithms, including natural language processing combined with Big Five Personality analysis applied to user- generated content (such as Facebook posts and Twitter feeds).


User Vector Set Contains:

  • raw personality scores (including: extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, openness)
  • raw sentiment scores (including overall sentiment and sentiment for the past week)
  • interest categories (Specific interests can be retrieved directly from a social media profile, such as Facebook)
  • demographics

 The API also includes comparison calls that will assess compatibility between two people in six distinct contexts.  Each of these contexts has a different algorithm.

  • WORKING TOGETHER – determine how well two people would work together
  • SHOPPING – determine if two people would make similar buying decisions
  • TRAVELING TOGETHER - determine how well two people would travel together 
  • ROOMING TOGETHER -determine how well two people would live together 
  • FRIENDSHIP - determine how well two people will get along for long-term friendship
  • NETWORKING - determine how well two people will get along at first meeting

Using the API, you can, for example:

  • Define unique segmentation lenses for your online audience, and sort and measure within those specific target segments.
  • Personalize your site or application so users see content that will appeal to them based on their personality, interests, and life stage.
  • Ensure your users can trust or might be compatible with someone who is on the other end of a real life transaction, even if the transaction only happens online.
  • Filter reviews and recommendations to show a user their most relevant reviews based on compatibility with reviewers.
  • Read more use cases here: Whit.li API Use Cases

Use Our New Client Libraries to Get Started Quickly:

  • PHP Client Library: 
  • JAVA Client Library:

Follow the steps below and start enabling a faster, more personalized online experience for your users!


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